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About Distance Learning

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Prince of Peace Christian School is providing POPCS Distance Learning (DL) for our students.
Distance Learning is online educational courses that are delivered remotely without students being physically in the classroom at school. Depending on the school division, these classes are being given digitally online, in digital packets, and through video conferencing. Each school division has a specific plan that has been communicated to all POPCS students.
Our teachers and administration are providing frequent communication and expectations to the students. They are available to assist, clarify, and encourage during school hours. Many teachers are providing support after hours, but please be mindful that due to family responsibilities, some teachers are not available.
We hope that this new micro POPCS website set up for POPCS Distance Learning will help both students and families accessing the information on DL and updates on the continuance of DL. We also encourage you to join the individual Facebook groups that represent each student’s school division. The Facebook group pages for POPCS ELC/Preschool, Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools is an area where everyone can post photos, resources, and support for all of our POPCS community.
Continue to know that our teachers and administration are committed to giving POPCS students and families the spiritual and educational support they need. We care about you and will be here to share the love, peace, and power of God during these uncertain times.
POPCS Mission Statement: Prince of Peace Christian School provides a Christ-centered exemplary education equipping students as disciples and leaders for service and success in the 21st century.
Testimonal Background

Distance Learning POP Quotes

"I just wanted to thank you both (Grade 5 Teachers) for all of the work you have put in to keep our kids engaged and learning during this crazy time. With no warning and very little time, you have managed to put together a plan for keeping them learning and giving them the normalcy of school but without overwhelming them (or their parents!) with school work. I can only imagine how hard you are both working and I just wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated." -POPCS Parent
"I’m impressed by the resilience of my students adapting to Zoom virtual learning. We are very blessed that POPCS already had so much technology in place (Swivl videos, MyMathLab, etc.) that the transition was smooth. We like the four day week and 9 am start time. I appreciate Fridays are reserved for faculty meetings via Zoom and planning. I am so exited to see my students and team members during the sessions! We are still very connected." -POPCS Teacher, Mrs. Tobaben
"This is a tough time for adults, let alone children. Thank you for all you and the staff do to ease them through this time. May God bless you, your family and staff. Keep those videos coming." -POPCS Grandparent
"It's almost as if we were all meant to slow down, take care of each other a little better and appreciate even more, what we have been blessed with. Praying that everyone stays healthy and those afflicted heal quickly. We are so grateful for the teachers and everyone at POPCS. What a wonderful blessing you all are in our daughter's life and ours." -POPCS Parent
"Our elementary and preschool teachers are knocking it out of the park with their engaging posts on Seesaw and helpful packet work. I feel very supported as a parent." -POPCS Parent