Lower School » Mrs. Graham's Update for the Week of 4/13/20

Mrs. Graham's Update for the Week of 4/13/20

Dear Lower School Parents,
I hope it was a special Easter for your families, with much to thank God for and many new memories made. Were you able to get your family to dress up for Virtual Church? We tuned in - but stayed in pajamas. Maybe next time! I figure we are all living by the old adage, "choose your battles wisely." Right?
Thanks for your support and patience as we continue to grow as Virtual Learners. In speaking with Lower School teachers and hearing from many of you, I know that an amazing effort is being made to meet the needs of our kids. From class Zooms, to small groups, to regular one-on-one sessions, our teachers are here for you and are pulling out all the stops to support your child and family through this experience. I appreciate the feedback from many of you on the survey sent last week. I will add, if you have a concern, this is not a time to remain anonymous - please speak to me or your teacher asap. We are adjusting and flexible and ready to help.
I am aware that there are questions regarding grading policies for Lower School. I can share with you that at this time, the policies have been reviewed by teachers and administrators, and we have provided a recommendation to the POPCS School Board for review and approval at an upcoming April School Board meeting. The adjustments will serve to benefit our kids during an unprecedented and stressful time in their education. Grades K-2 will continue use of the proficiency based model for showing growth over time. Grades 3-5 will continue to receive frequent feedback from teachers, but the focus will be growth vs grades, progress vs perfection. At this time, numerical scores will not be recorded on RenWeb for the 4th quarter, and late points will not be deducted from assignments. Further grade reporting (such as report cards) will be determined as decisions are made regarding the length of time Virtual Learning continues.
Parents, you need to hear that like our teachers, you are also going above and beyond to greet this challenge head on. You are modeling for your children strength, prayer, grit, and determination. These combined efforts are going to be richly rewarded. Your children are going to finish this year strong and be fully prepared and ready for the next grade level, and ready for their next adventure!

We'd love for your family to join once again for Chapel tomorrow at 9:45am. Mr. Hahn will be speaking and there will be birthday shout outs for kids in grades K-8 who have March through April 15 birthdays.
May God continue to richly bless you and keep you,
Prince of Peace Christian School