Middle School » Mrs. Graham's Update for the Week of 3/23/20

Mrs. Graham's Update for the Week of 3/23/20

Dear POPCS Middle School Families,


In this time of change, lots of people have been kind enough to say, "Thank you for your leadership."  Truthfully, it's the honor of the administration and teachers at POPCS to serve in such a time as this.  And to you, parents, we say, "Thank YOU for YOUR leadership!" You are the leaders in the homes  - we are the facilitators.  You are setting up technology, schedules, workstations, meals, bedtimes and more  - all in the best interest of your child's education.  You are managing the pre-teen and teenage emotions in a highly transitional time. Kids are out of their normal routines and you are providing structure while giving them grace. So, YOU are doing a GREAT JOB, parents!  


We thank you for your partnership and your patience as we rolled out our Virtual Learning Program this week.  I am so proud of the kids who checked in and participated.  Our Middle School team reported that about 95% of students were engaged in these first few days of Virtual Learning.  As we continue our Distance (Virtual) Learning, we will be adding video conferencing to the Middle School platform of communication using Zoom.  Look in the App Store for Apple devices (or Google Play for Android) for Zoom Cloud Meetings or zoom.us online.   


To accommodate a video conferencing schedule, we will continue our Navy/White schedule like we started this week, but add in structured times to allow classes to "meet" via Zoom.  Monday and Wednesday will still be Navy days, and Tues/ Thurs will be White days.  Friday is set aside specifically family time, group work, enrichment activities, and for "office hours" as needed, which can be set privately with any teacher.  Teachers will always post Zoom information to Edmodo so your child will know when and how to participate. Our schedule will mirror the Upper School to accommodate for students who crossover (taking Upper School level classes). I will post this schedule and guidelines to Edmodo - please also share it with your Middle Schooler and discuss with them. We greatly appreciate your support in encouraging a good home learning environment as well.  When on Zoom, we appreciate the students being ready to learn - dressed appropriately, finished with breakfast, out of bed and at a table etc. Teachers will check for attendance and participation, and we will reach out to your family if needed. Please feel free to speak to your teacher (or send me a note) if you have any concerns - We want to be sensitive to the variety of challenges facing our parents and families at home.


May God continue to bless and keep each of your families in His peace and His grace.


In partnership with you,


Betsy Graham

Prince of Peace Christian School



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