Dr. Lowe's Update for the Week of 3/23/20

Dear POPCS Parents & Students,

Thank you for your patience and preparation as we rolled out our Virtual Learning Plan this week. I can't begin to express how proud I am of our Upper School staff to have pulled together, with 48 hours notice, to pilot a program we hoped never to use. Both Mrs. Whitley and I have been on numerous conference and Zoom calls and leaders are impressed with how quickly POPCS has moved online, and it speaks to our faculty professionalism, faith, care, and competence. While the rollout was not without glitches, we are preparing for an excellent second and third week of learning. Additionally, we had a 95% attendance rate for the first two days of virtual school. Go Eagles!


Each week, I will be sharing some thoughts, asking for specific help, and sharing appropriate details to keep you as informed as I can in an unprecedented way. Note the buttons below to take you to specific information.


I hosted an upper school faculty meeting this morning via Zoom to discuss the last two days and some changes moving forward. I'll go into them in greater detail in the Swivl video posted below (please watch), but here are the high points:


  • Student screen savers (ensure they are not offensive or inappropriate)
  • Appropriate clothing while in the virtual classroom (No dress code now, but ensure there is appropriate student dress in the classroom)
  • Virtual classroom location (prefer students NOT in their beds)
  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Personal breakout room - professional etiquette


It's a surreal and scary time for us all. My prayer every day is for the Lord to intervene mightily and protect us not only in our health, but also spiritually, emotionally, and financially. As a school family, let's seek the Lord and His mercy in the midst of this storm. Be safe, and may God bless the POPCS community.


In Him,

Dr. Lowe