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Mr. Hahn's Update 6/11/20

June 11, 2020


Dear Prince of Peace Christian School Community,

Prayers that this communication finds you and your family healthy and blessed. I desire to share several updates concerning the past few weeks and information on plans for August.


To begin, I want you to be aware of what has happened with the ministry of POPCS over the last two weeks:

End of year school supplies and locker clean-out pick up.


Multiple division level meetings, review of the year, and specifically learning and ministry of the last quarter. 

Dedicated time for reflection and development of how it may look different, consistent, and discussion of grade-level/division level expectations.


Full staff meetings to recognize and thank key leaders and teachers. Updates from  Governor Abbott, Texas Education Agency recommendations, and what may be required as we return. To date, defined expectations for the POPCS Early Learning Center, and summer care and summer camps have been provided. There are no directives set for schools as of this letter.


Recognized, celebrated, and prayed over the students in Grade 8 at an outdoor and socially distanced event.

POPCS Faculty and Community Email Survey to better understand community culture, concerns, and questions concerning reopening. The results are below.


What is happening next?

Strength and Conditioning Camp opened on June 8.


Multiple athletic and drama camps scheduled, opening June 15 through the end of July.


POPCS Upper Summer School began.


POPCS Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony, this Saturday, June 13, Dr. Pepper Ballpark, 7:00 p.m. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. Community invited, social distancing required.        


What is the plan for reopening?

Our scheduled first day remains August 18.  At this time, I expect that we will open with slight modifications and minimal disruption to learning and ministry, including:


Caring for those that may be most vulnerable due to age and/or health concerns.

With an emphasis on and increased monitoring of hand washing and hygiene.

Enhanced cleaning of the school.


Remember that everything is subject to what may happen over the next several weeks, such as, any orders from Governor Abbott that our school would be required to follow, with final approval from the POPCS School Board of Directors.


Is that the only plan?

No.  Recognizing that we each want to know how it will be, we still don't know what we don't know.  As such, we continue to develop four school plans, understanding that those scenarios may be modified as well. The four plans were summarized in the request for feedback in our recent survey.


How would a blended or hybrid learning model work?

Blended or hybrid learning is a developing discussion with multiple options, dependent on what may be required.

We have plans in place, depending on capacity limitations that may be announced by the state.


Our hope is that we will have ELC through Grade 12 continue to meet daily on campus. 


Survey Information

Thank you to those that responded. We received a total of 409 parent responses in choosing school plans A, B, C, or D.  We also received 470 written responses.  Please know that I read each one.  I also shared all the results with the POPCS School Leadership Team and the POPCS School Board of Directors.


As a reminder, I sent the community email survey seeking to understand community culture, concerns, and questions about reopening, and to solicit feedback.


Parent Community Survey Results

As a member of our POPCS School Leadership Team, I request that if our school ministry has blessed you, I would love to hear about it.  If we have not met your expectations, I need to hear about it.  Thank you for your kind words and appreciation for our leadership, faculty, and staff.  Thank you for your openness and honesty, as some shared disappointments and frustrations.  If we did not meet your expectations, please consider this an invitation to meet with me. I will make myself available by phone, Zoom, and on campus.


My commitment to the families of POPCS is to create the best and safest learning community for your children and our faculty and staff.


The next POPCS Community Communication update will be the week of June 22. As always, should you have questions or concerns, please contact me.


My prayer is that your family remains well and are enjoying a blessed summer.


Chris Hahn


1 Peter 5: 2-8